It’s not weird, it’s beautiful!

Hey Chums, how have you all been?

What brings me here today is the concern about the thing, that in this scenario, where we all are literally running a rat race, in the want of superficial and materialistic perfections and accomplishments, have you forgotten to pay heed on the basic primary and candid being, that you used to be and in the process of deliberate evolution, are you being too hard on yourself while striving hard for the want and sake of perfection, the want of flawlessness might not have been accomplished, but what has really been attained is the loss of ability to perceive the purity and magnificence of how imperfections were also way too beautiful!

No wonder the people and their so called sophisticated lifestyles often make us crave for betterment and competitions for perfection, in every walk of our lives, but these lifestyles and the wants for perfection, have dissolved all your ways of adoring the candid and the innocence of originality, you actually were gifted with, before you resolved to evolve!

The term “beauty” for which every being struggles from day to night, is not an absolute term at all, it is a relative concept indeed which varies from me to you! I have read several definitions of “beauty” and what it costs to become and look beautiful, and I am sure, you people also might be having hundreds of theories and ways for that, I don’t know, you might even laugh, but the thing for which you are actually persevering, was so appealingly carved, so effortlessly resting within your soul! It was unfiltered, it was beautiful, it was great, it was actually you just being youuu, your soul was never polluted, it had streams of purity and innocence within, but the day you too got in the race, all these eventually got washed away!!!


You adore nature in the natural forms, for every child, her mother turns out to be the prettiest woman indeed, you adore the skies, even if it gets captured by the dark clouds, it was you, who danced in the rain, and smiled for the love it poured from above, then what has actually caused the failure of yours in accepting yourself to be beautiful, however weird you might have been called by the world, just the way Moon reflects its beauty, even if it carries some scars and blemishes!

And then comes the clumsy still beautiful meee:

Life has often been so weird and clumsy these days, that me, being a 21 years old girl, has often failed to control the overpowering emotions, and its ok for the times even when, she could not control her, she cried her heart out, but she was confident and bold to show the actual phase, and reflect the unfiltered emotions, this way! Though I have often failed in being able to apply all those colorful makeup stuffs but still appearing beautiful, despite of lacking the basic alignment skills, because it was confidence of carrying your own art, it was the truth, it was the beauty! Sometimes, I might have weirdly had a fall, in front of big crowds, but laughing my heart out, though everyone might have made fun of it, was beautiful. Even the blurry images were beautiful enough to make the memories crystal clear!

I agree that those mornings were supposed to be perfect, and in accordance with the routine, but its ok even if you chose to be little lazy today, skipping your official durations in utilizing some self proclaimed holidays in sleeping some extra, eating some extra, but weren’t they beautiful diaries?

I agree you were supposed to be dressed decently, while stepping outdoors, but how about surprising your friend in pyjamas, carrying some chocolates and watching movie together, without the fear of being judged! that was the beauty of the bond, the beauty of your comfort space.

I accept you were to be very hard on your gymming routines, but how beautiful was that day when you skipped it for chocolate cakes and chips, and smiled for yourself!

My dear friends,

Life was never supposed to give you regrets. It was only you being harsh on yourselves, you were supposed to accept that you were confident enough in each of the days and events. It’s totally true that you burn the midnight oil for your goals, but at the end of the day, if you failed to recognize the beauty of whatever you are, even today, if you failed to pick the aesthetic instances of your imperfections, your soul would have got exhausted in the race of finding the ideal and perfect self: your soul deserves to be a merry and a cheerful one. So hold your heart and tell it: It’s not weird, it’s beautiful!

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