Bonjour, beautiful people!

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” Mmmmm, well lemme guess that- you must have been somewhere, tryna achieve your ambitions and to-do-list so hard, thinking over your relationships and equations, so hard, busy in the race of maintaining your social media handles, so rigorously, or maybe busy in a world, that was way too superficial!,

What actually yearns me to take down my thoughts, over here today, is that in this scheme of netfix and chill, I suddenly got a mirror, that narrated me the story of our shallow realities so well, that it amazed me, for sure. Well, the admission of these very thoughts, happened exactly, the day, I witnessed the story of three friends- Neil, Ahana and Imaad, 3 flatmates, or lets say, the old childhood friends, depicting the condition of Gen Z in all the aspects.

Ahana being a well- literate, well- groomed, and above all a gentle and a sincere personality, understanding the worth of true love and relationship so hard, that it, at once, became her own suffering, FR! She was brought to a point where the generation really believes that giving a relationship the name of “true love” and having a motive of ending it into an eternal relationship, is nothing but being what u call as absurd and being delusional. Unfortunately, Ahana starts losing all her worth and the belief that she actually was filled with goodness, when she starts dating a typical Gen Z male hardly being concerned about her feelings.

Imaad Ali – alias- Zeeshan , who used to operate Tinder, that most of us are engrossed into, these days, for the reason we have actually given the real emotions and real relationships, back seat, making superficial and short term relationships, obviously because what holds us together is our benefits, our fun and our shallow commitments. A stand up comedian, and a serial dater obviously, busy meeting girls and ghosting thereafter!

While, Neil, representing a middle class family- having the urge and desire , just like most of us are having! In the urge of earning high, in the urge of faking happiness over social media, these three pals came to perceive the disturbing reality that in the procedure of showing their social media followers, that they were happy, they forgot to tell it to themselves that – THEY ACTUALLY NEED TO BE HAPPY! Proceeding in a direction that had no place for values, friendship and true lov, in the pathway. They started showcasing ,how they actually wanted to be, in lieu of discovering what literally made them elated!

But the best part of the story lies over here, my friends, that they ended the year full of hardships, renouncing their own toxic version where they had a pursuit of desiring to become “someone else”, concluding their own significance by virtue of, how others used to treat them, by assuming that “true love relationships” in this generation, is a hypothetical situation. Hence taking a new year resolution of sticking to the principle- TUM TUM HO, TUMHARE JAISA AUR KOI NAHI HAI!

Is it even justified the way, we have lost ourselves , the way we have deviated from the path that can take us to our happiness, and the way we are changing ourselves for someone else, for the sake of ” standard society ” Have you ever felt like a misfit in your generation, ironically, have you ever felt a generation gap from your generation? In today’s world, what if you don’t like hook-up culture, and what if u do believe in true love relationships for you have grown up at your home, witnessing love, care and values from your parents and their parents! What if you actually don’t wanna run the race of idolising your body, your looks, your dressing sense, just the way the influencers do? What if you actually wanna have fun and wanna run through the beautiful childhood memory lane, going on a dinner outside, without any reason, and you wanna feel the happiness of witnessing the beauty and charm of the monuments and temples, with them instead of hanging out in the clubs and getting high and then addressing it as ” I am, actually weekending” . what if you actually wanna have fun and jokes exchanged, instead of sitting together but being apart, as you were busy scrolling the various handles! What if you actually wanna be happy instead of being a virtually happy person!

KHO GAE HUM KAHAN- that we can’t find ourselves again!

see you soonish!! Till then, keep thinking, keep sharing peeps♥️

2 replies on “WHERE ARE WE LOST?”

  • Dinkar January 21, 2024 at 7:48 am

    Each memory serves as a chapter in the ongoing narrative of our lives ,influencing our perspectives and shaping our future endeavors. It’s a reminder of growth, resilience, and the beauty found in the ordinary moments that often go unnoticed.

    Such a honest words Dear didi…🙌❤️💫

    • Yashaswini January 21, 2024 at 8:13 am

      That’s really sweet of you!! Big thanks to you🥹♥️🎉

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