Just one more ice cream please!!

Mom says, she got to cherish my first ever broadest and most long lasting smile, the day she experimented my taste buds with delicious crushings of ice, coated with bright brown chocolaty chips, sweet inside out, overloaded with creamy layer of delight, tasting too cold yet so tempting for a kid aged not more than a couple of years. My expressions, were more than enough for her to imply that it got to make me fall in proper true love with its taste, I mean who won’t, ice creams are the stuffs that can make even a person deprived of his taste buds , fall in love with the mere thought of grabbing a bite of ice cream. For the sake of love , I have for ice creams, which mean more than just a dessert, to me, I have often ended up romnaticizing the stories of ice creams.

Time changed everything, so did it in my context of love for this particular, and I have observed the level of my love, skyrocketing , with each passing day for the want and thoughts of ice creams.

No power can separate me and my ice cream desires, no seasons, no stipulations can win in testing my love for it . Rebuke from parents, at times, convinced me genuinely for staying from these, in extreme winters, bht I often ended up having each of its bite with the attitude of “I’ll face, whatever it costs”

Sometimes bt virtue of demand, sometimes in the form of reward, other times, in the name of presents, and at times, with the excuse of cheat days, ice creams manage to find occasions to attract my attention.

Counting calories is not less than a crime, while you get to grab the ice creams, for the sake of it, you may go extra and extra on your workout routine, but it doesn’t deserve to be compromised with, at all. I have often dreamed of landing somewhere, in this universe , wherein, lies a world of ice cream . Just like we have floral gardens and water parks, can’t we manage to have ice cream parks and gardens.

Ice creams often remind me of the summery months of May June July, when to get some relief from heat, we used to run to the ice cream parlors, ironically, in the scorching heat, outside, when in the name of late night assignments, I often used to commit thefts in the refrigerator, stealing all the ice creams, efficiently. And when even after being forbidden, in the months of December January February, the sweet bells from the street , of the ice cream vendor, got to attract me and have some of it, later being caught by the creams that made whiskers of it, above my lips and sometimes making my nose appear pink, by its cream.

Don’t we just love the way, how it in different flavors and colors, treat our taste buds to make them happy and taste damn delicious in all the worldly ways. Imagine being exhausted on a scorching sunny day, spotting butterscotch ice creams in your refrigerator, that’s heaven. Not only this, I can make you imagine n number Of such reasons, you would be loving ice creams beyond anything else. So that, when someone asks you, what do you want, you can contentedly claim “JUST ONE MORE ICE CREAM PLEASE”❤

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